God Shadows

Episode V
Vengeance of the Fallen

With the Titan Mnemosyne returned to her resting place, Pantheon forces have established a foothold in the Eastern city of Troy and weakened Hades’ bid for power.

War still rages in the south between Zeus’ forces and those of the casted angel Eros, Dirk’s sworn enemy.

Bidding Troy goodbye, the party begins their trek back to Seredane where they must convince Persephone to lead them into the Underworld.

Bane takes his leave as he escorts a pregnant Allisandra to the safety of the Golden Fleece Academy to seek solace from Hades.

Meanwhile, Benn struggles to keep his sanity as he becomes an instrument of time itself. The faltering party is ambushed in the jungle near Ianto’s tower and Jericho has gone missing.

Now, Exodus must lead the party with the aid of Callisto to find their comrade and discover the motives behind Jericho’s disappearance…

Catching up, Troy or Bust
To Troy we go...

After killing Skalmad and securing the town of Moonstair, the party continued East in search of Ianto’s library tower.

The Hand of Athena made clear in it’s intention of amassing power and using Ianto’s body to unleash the former rage of the once powerful and godlike invoker from Ianto’s former life.

The party itself needed to find Ianto’s body and figure out how to free his consciousness from Kurra’s body that he, The Hand and Kurra all currently inhabit. After Ianto secretly handed Alli a ritual that would teleport the party into the base of the tower, they finally discovered the remote location of the teleportation circle that would bring them into the now buried tower.

Alli completed the ritual which teleported the party underwater in the base of the tower. They fought their way to the top only to discover that Orion was reaching across from the Elemental Chaos trapping Ianto’s body in a stasis field.

Ianto’s former lives began their jettison from Kurra’s body and after the party defeated The Hand and an evil elemental. Ianto’s body and mind once again joined together and The Hand as well as all of Ianto’s former lives peacefully returned into Ianto’s subconscious.

After finally setting things right with Ianto, the party decided to teleport from Ianto’s tower to Corinth to assess the situation there. When they arrived, they were greeted by fire, destuction and zombies.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Thrice the Razorclaw Shifter hath mew’d Thrice and once the orc-pig whined Harpies cry, “Tis time, tis time.”

Fillet of a fenny snake In the cauldron boil and bake Eye of beholder and toe of frog Tongue of bat and shifter dog Yaun-ti’s fork and rattler’s sting Basilisk’s leg and whelpling’s wing For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Double, double, toil and trouble Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Scale of Dragon, tooth of Lycan Witch’s mummy, for potion thicken Gall of goat and drops of spring Liver of a pickled Halfling Finger of a birth-strangled baby Ditch-deliver’d by a doxy lady Make the gruel how we know best For our timely, welcomed guests

Interlude in Time 1
Flashback in time, Fugate is followed by Martin

Martin surveyed the landscape of the Dwarven Mountains. The jagged rocks protruded from the mountain like gnarled fingers and were hard to maneuver through. Fortune had not smiled upon him these last few days. Just when he thought he had an opportunity to separate the warforged from the group and confront him about the stone he was carrying, a new group of travelers set upon by the Warforged. This so called “Fugate” that he had been tracking was different; he wasn’t starved for power like the other Warforged.

After observing the party of Warforged for more than two weeks, Martin noticed that Fugate didn’t look nearly as weak and tired as the rest of them. He was full of vigor and energy, and Martin could guess why. The Warforge carrying the stone allied himself with the new party of travelers, humans and a half-orc, and at the end of the fight aided the party in victory, and MY god, he was a sorcerer. He had encountered very few of these Warforged in his travels, but all of them were brutes; none of them had been able to wield magic like this one.

The group of travelers that got attacked by the Warforged party were an unlikely bunch , there was a Psion boy, Jason he thought he heard the woman say, but Martin wasn’t quite close enough to hear them exactly. There was an Assassin whom Martin was especially wary of as the man disappeared from his sight time to time. A Halfling rogue who looked a little under the weather and what looked to be like a cleric of some sort judging from her healing magic. There was a gray monk, and finally a Half-Orc who defended the whole group.

Martin was tempted to join the fight and help the travelers combat the evil Warforged, but his mission was of the utmost importance. The Champions of the Silver Cloak had been given clear information from the anonymous tip giver about the stone. Do not harm the Warforged, but explain to the “him” the importance of the mission, if he resists simply disable him and acquire the stone.

Not long after Fugate defected to the party of humanoids, they travelled as a group into the Seven Pillared Hall. The boy Jason reminded Martin of Thaddeus; he wondered how his little brother was fairing. The last time he visited home Thaddeus was 10 years old and wielded a sword quite well, better than Martin at that age.

After the travelers descended into the mountain, Martin decided to wait. With the perils that awaited them in the depths of the mountain, it was more than likely that some of them may not return. With fewer numbers it would be easier to engage the Warforged and acquire the stone.

“What the hell are they doing, taking such a young boy down into the mountain?” Martin thought, and then it occurred to him that the information he received from the stranger with one eye had been incorrect. Perhaps the Warforged was aware that he was carrying an ancient relic with him. And if so, maybe its intention was to deliver the stone to someone in the mountain. Martin cursed himself for not following them; all he could do now is wait to see if they would return. He would wait two days and see if they would emerge, if not, he would have to acquire a guide and go down into the mountain himself to retrieve the stone. Martin hated going underground, but his mission was to obtain the stone. If the stranger with the one eye was right, this stone could mean an end to the Titans for good.

Celebration and the Betrayal of Volundr
Oh no ye didn't!

After the presentation of gifts from the Moonstair leaders, the party ventures to the small island north of the city to Speak with the Scholar Rualiss. They learned more about the Stone that is fueling the Stone Cauldron (a magical site in the Feywild) and they learned that they will need to chuck the Stygian Eye into the Cauldron to destroy it permanently. This is the only way to get rid of Skalmad for good.

This also gives the party a glimmer of hope that they may find another God Stone. They receive a ritual from Rualiss to help permanently destroy the Stone Cauldron.

After they recalculate their plans with Rualiss, Exodus, Alli, Jericho and the PC formerly known as Ianto head back to the Cloudwatch Inn. Soon after they enter they see their other NPC party members, Kayah, Marleen and Callisto drinking at a table with Bax the town Dragonborne. They are all laughing and celebrating victory over Skalmad’s forces and Bax is crying, per usual.

The party joins them and Jericho takes his leave and retires to his room. Soon after they join in on the celebration, a thunderstorm begins outside and the candles in the Inn blow out. The door to the Inn flies open and a ghostly figure enters, walking straight to Allisandra. she recognizes her Father immediately and he drops to a knee in front of her and begins speaking.

“Allisandra, my daughter, my rightful queen of Corinth, I beseech you give me leave to speak with you at once. My soul has been beleaguered with guilt since I was fool enough to let myself fail you as both your former King and Father. I sought to implore this chance to see you one last time from the master of the Underdark, Hades. I come to you now in a time of darkness to beg not for your forgiveness, but to make a pact with you. A pact held strong by the bonds of Hades, for he has sworn to release to you the souls of all your ancestors, Kings and Queens alike, to use in battle against your wicked Mother and against his own Brother, the One God, Zeus. At the time when your final breath leaves your body, you, as well as the souls of all your royal ancestors, shall be returned to Hades for eternity.”

Allisandra looks around. Everyone in the bar except for her party is on their knees, holding 2 fingers over their mouths, a symbol of respect and silence in the presence of royalty. But they aren’t looking at her Father, they are looking at her.

Before she can speak, a hint of Sulfur pervades the air and it becomes stronger as a black cloud begins to billow up from the floor and Hades rises, looking younger and with more power. Behind and around Hades, ghostly forms of Kings and Queens materialize and Hades begins to speak.

“I wanted to personally thank you, Allisandra. You and your companions have sent me many souls and with each one, I have felt power like I have not known for centuries. I have to come to offer you my hand in restoring the pantheon and for once showing my Brother that there is a power in men that he has always underestimated. What say you, Daughter of the Gods?”

She agrees to the Pact with Hades and a stairway peels open in the floor. A Revenant climbs the stairway and is told by Hades to ensure that Allisandra holds to her Pact. He moves over to her and introduces himself, in a thick Russian sounding accent, as Bane. A Revenant Monk who lived as a former Tiefling.

With this, Bane joins the party eyeing up the group to see what he’s in for.

Ianto takes his leave as the party continues drinking and celebrating. Suddenly, a small Lynx leaps through a window of the Inn. As it shakes the water off itself it begins to morph into the form of a young girl, Andera. She yells for her Daddy and runs over toward the party, looking for Jericho.

“They’re here,” she exclaims. That’s when the party notices the strange thunderstorm outside and the three black riders circling the Inn. Kayah quickly flies upstair to wake Jericho and Ianto as the rest of the party herds the patrons of the Cloudwatch Inn to the cellar. Jericho has a brief moment of shock as he sees his future daughter Andera and Volundr apologizes to Jericho saying, “I’m Sorry.” Jericho quickly realizes that Volundr has brought the riders here and cannot believe that the sword he has come to trust with his own life would really be a tool of Zeus’, who Volundr has apparently been working for this entire time.

The Party begins to devise a plan when Bane notices the smell of smoke coming from the upstair and they realize that the Riders have set fire to the Inn. They quickly herd the patrons back up from the cellar and they all crowd behind the bar as the party gets set to attack one of the riders as is passes the front of the Inn. They launch their attack and the 3 Oblivion Wraith quickly swoop into the Inn and fight. It’s an all out free for all battle and even the Innkeep Chaim and the patrons join in by hurling bottles and glasses from behind the bar at the Oblivion Wraiths.

They dispatch the Wraiths, a few barely escaping with their lives, and quickly herd themselves and the patrons out of the burning Inn and into the Keep where Kelana has begun making preparations to accommodate the refugees.

Quelling the Raid against Moonstair.
Defending the Keep

After learning of Skalmad’s plan to attack Moonstair, the Party ventures back to the city to defend the people and the Keep from Skalmad’s invaders. On the way back through to Troll Haunt, they stumble upon Callisto and Exodus in a rather peculiar act (doin’ it). Jericho maintains silent anger and stays up all night prior to the raid, etching runes on his sword and armor. Marleen and Alli (the Scooby gang) see an eerie sight when taking watch that night. They see what appears to be floating lights marching in a line, and upon further inspection they realize it’s the procession of Skalmad’s troops toward Moonstair.

The Party reaches the city just after the sun has come up and find the farmsteads on the outskirts in ruin. Most are on fire and as they approach, they see a farmstead under attack by a Troll and a pack of Worgs. A family is trapped inside the farm and the Adventurers race to kill the Troll and Worgs before they can manage to breach the farmhouse.

After dispatching the enemies, they find the bodies of a town watch and an Eladrin Soldier. The Watchman is still alive and exclaims that the moongate finally opened and that a troop of Eladrin have come through to help protect the city.

The Party then holds off Skalmad’s troops in the southern docks, an air attack on the inner wall and finally the last wave of troops that have breached the outer wall of Moonstair and assaulted the inner wall.

With victory behind them, the Eladrin General Entari and Kelana Dhoram, the Mayoress of Moonstair present gifts of honor to the party for protecting the Moongate and Moonstair. After they have been presented with gifts, Rualiss asks to speak with them again before they press on to try and defeat Skalmad.

Bax, Marleen and Callisto haven’t been seen since before the presentation of gifts in the Keep where the Mayoress and the town watch reside. Where could they be? Likely celebrating victory…

Prologue to April 13th, The Raid
Trolling for Trouble.

Hello All,

We will be resuming the Ellenisia Campaign next Tuesday night and will do 2 sessions before we finalize our group character build for Mark’s Eberron campaign. We’ll be jumping right back in where we left off in the Troll Haunt. I posted the recording of our last Actual Play session to our podcast so feel free to listen to it and get caught up on the happenings.

Obviously there are changes going forward. Jonny is rerolling Jericho as a Runepriest (Leader Class) as Aquielle will be leaving the party. There will be lots of story and role-play to get things to a new jumping off point and I’m very excited about all the happenings I have planned and have been thinking.

Mark will be in France next week, but I’d like to start getting back into the campaign as soon as possible.

Here is a brief intro and synopsis into the session next Tuesday:

Bax the Dragonborne in Moonstair led you, via map, into the TrollHaunt. After getting lost, surviving a few attacks and searching an old troll ruin, you finally stumbled upon the entrance to the Great Warren. You practically barged in and, after killing the troll guards, began to lay waste to the Troglodytes that inhabit the West wing of the Great Warren.

You then meet a few interesting characters. A Troll with a dire bear pet and then a Dragon named Gloomfang, who sparks a deal with you to destroy Skalmad and drive the Trolls and Trogs from his home. You agree and travel south, avoiding the last remnants of the Trogs in the Great Warren and continue deeper into the caverns.

With the advent of that evenings full moon, something happens to Exodus and he loses the ability to control his Damphyr thirst and attacks Kurra. He quickly regains sanity, but turns mistform and flees the party.

Not long after you receive a message in the form of an animal messenger from Callisto speaking to Jericho, letting you know that she and Marleen have come to Moonstair to find them. The party heads back toward the entrance and finds Marleen entering the Great Warren, admiring the carnage of trolls that can only be your party’s handiwork. She presents Jericho with Volundr and states that Callisto received the sword, but gave it to her to deliver to the party. Callisto had run off leaving her to find the party alone. She believes that Callisto received some sort of mental communication and after telling Marleen that Exodus had run off, it makes sense that she could have run off to help him learn to curb his bloodlust.

Marleen happily rejoins the party, despite some of the party members continued distaste of her.

As you venture back to the depths of the caverns, you eventually run across some Trolls and Nothic guarding a prison cell where some citizens of Moonstair are being held as slaves, or worse, food. You dispose of the Trolls and Nothic and rescue the citizens from their cell.

Shortly after, from a deeper corridor, you hear sinister laugh and Skalmad proclaims “You fool adventurers, I can never be killed. Especially not by mere mortals. I see all with the Stygian Eye and my soul is bound to the Stone Cauldron. Mwa ha ha!! I also see that you have left Moonstair unguarded; and without any champions to defend it, my troops will quell the population left there. They march upon the town as we speak. You have failed mortals and soon Morvoz will be under the control of the Trolls once again.”


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