God Shadows

Catching up, Troy or Bust

To Troy we go...

After killing Skalmad and securing the town of Moonstair, the party continued East in search of Ianto’s library tower.

The Hand of Athena made clear in it’s intention of amassing power and using Ianto’s body to unleash the former rage of the once powerful and godlike invoker from Ianto’s former life.

The party itself needed to find Ianto’s body and figure out how to free his consciousness from Kurra’s body that he, The Hand and Kurra all currently inhabit. After Ianto secretly handed Alli a ritual that would teleport the party into the base of the tower, they finally discovered the remote location of the teleportation circle that would bring them into the now buried tower.

Alli completed the ritual which teleported the party underwater in the base of the tower. They fought their way to the top only to discover that Orion was reaching across from the Elemental Chaos trapping Ianto’s body in a stasis field.

Ianto’s former lives began their jettison from Kurra’s body and after the party defeated The Hand and an evil elemental. Ianto’s body and mind once again joined together and The Hand as well as all of Ianto’s former lives peacefully returned into Ianto’s subconscious.

After finally setting things right with Ianto, the party decided to teleport from Ianto’s tower to Corinth to assess the situation there. When they arrived, they were greeted by fire, destuction and zombies.



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