God Shadows

Celebration and the Betrayal of Volundr

Oh no ye didn't!

After the presentation of gifts from the Moonstair leaders, the party ventures to the small island north of the city to Speak with the Scholar Rualiss. They learned more about the Stone that is fueling the Stone Cauldron (a magical site in the Feywild) and they learned that they will need to chuck the Stygian Eye into the Cauldron to destroy it permanently. This is the only way to get rid of Skalmad for good.

This also gives the party a glimmer of hope that they may find another God Stone. They receive a ritual from Rualiss to help permanently destroy the Stone Cauldron.

After they recalculate their plans with Rualiss, Exodus, Alli, Jericho and the PC formerly known as Ianto head back to the Cloudwatch Inn. Soon after they enter they see their other NPC party members, Kayah, Marleen and Callisto drinking at a table with Bax the town Dragonborne. They are all laughing and celebrating victory over Skalmad’s forces and Bax is crying, per usual.

The party joins them and Jericho takes his leave and retires to his room. Soon after they join in on the celebration, a thunderstorm begins outside and the candles in the Inn blow out. The door to the Inn flies open and a ghostly figure enters, walking straight to Allisandra. she recognizes her Father immediately and he drops to a knee in front of her and begins speaking.

“Allisandra, my daughter, my rightful queen of Corinth, I beseech you give me leave to speak with you at once. My soul has been beleaguered with guilt since I was fool enough to let myself fail you as both your former King and Father. I sought to implore this chance to see you one last time from the master of the Underdark, Hades. I come to you now in a time of darkness to beg not for your forgiveness, but to make a pact with you. A pact held strong by the bonds of Hades, for he has sworn to release to you the souls of all your ancestors, Kings and Queens alike, to use in battle against your wicked Mother and against his own Brother, the One God, Zeus. At the time when your final breath leaves your body, you, as well as the souls of all your royal ancestors, shall be returned to Hades for eternity.”

Allisandra looks around. Everyone in the bar except for her party is on their knees, holding 2 fingers over their mouths, a symbol of respect and silence in the presence of royalty. But they aren’t looking at her Father, they are looking at her.

Before she can speak, a hint of Sulfur pervades the air and it becomes stronger as a black cloud begins to billow up from the floor and Hades rises, looking younger and with more power. Behind and around Hades, ghostly forms of Kings and Queens materialize and Hades begins to speak.

“I wanted to personally thank you, Allisandra. You and your companions have sent me many souls and with each one, I have felt power like I have not known for centuries. I have to come to offer you my hand in restoring the pantheon and for once showing my Brother that there is a power in men that he has always underestimated. What say you, Daughter of the Gods?”

She agrees to the Pact with Hades and a stairway peels open in the floor. A Revenant climbs the stairway and is told by Hades to ensure that Allisandra holds to her Pact. He moves over to her and introduces himself, in a thick Russian sounding accent, as Bane. A Revenant Monk who lived as a former Tiefling.

With this, Bane joins the party eyeing up the group to see what he’s in for.

Ianto takes his leave as the party continues drinking and celebrating. Suddenly, a small Lynx leaps through a window of the Inn. As it shakes the water off itself it begins to morph into the form of a young girl, Andera. She yells for her Daddy and runs over toward the party, looking for Jericho.

“They’re here,” she exclaims. That’s when the party notices the strange thunderstorm outside and the three black riders circling the Inn. Kayah quickly flies upstair to wake Jericho and Ianto as the rest of the party herds the patrons of the Cloudwatch Inn to the cellar. Jericho has a brief moment of shock as he sees his future daughter Andera and Volundr apologizes to Jericho saying, “I’m Sorry.” Jericho quickly realizes that Volundr has brought the riders here and cannot believe that the sword he has come to trust with his own life would really be a tool of Zeus’, who Volundr has apparently been working for this entire time.

The Party begins to devise a plan when Bane notices the smell of smoke coming from the upstair and they realize that the Riders have set fire to the Inn. They quickly herd the patrons back up from the cellar and they all crowd behind the bar as the party gets set to attack one of the riders as is passes the front of the Inn. They launch their attack and the 3 Oblivion Wraith quickly swoop into the Inn and fight. It’s an all out free for all battle and even the Innkeep Chaim and the patrons join in by hurling bottles and glasses from behind the bar at the Oblivion Wraiths.

They dispatch the Wraiths, a few barely escaping with their lives, and quickly herd themselves and the patrons out of the burning Inn and into the Keep where Kelana has begun making preparations to accommodate the refugees.


Here is the acceptance speech Alli gave to Hades: “I accept, without hesitation, for I understand what must be done, and will accept what assistance I can get as well as the consequences. Father, do not feel guilty or foolish, for even though my path has been difficult, arduous, and trying, I have learned much about myself & the world; which only makes me stronger. Arise patrons, for I have not yet earned your respect. I have much to do before I am Queen. May this pact with Hades & my Ancestors bolster us unto a new, better age.”


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