God Shadows

Episode V

Vengeance of the Fallen

With the Titan Mnemosyne returned to her resting place, Pantheon forces have established a foothold in the Eastern city of Troy and weakened Hades’ bid for power.

War still rages in the south between Zeus’ forces and those of the casted angel Eros, Dirk’s sworn enemy.

Bidding Troy goodbye, the party begins their trek back to Seredane where they must convince Persephone to lead them into the Underworld.

Bane takes his leave as he escorts a pregnant Allisandra to the safety of the Golden Fleece Academy to seek solace from Hades.

Meanwhile, Benn struggles to keep his sanity as he becomes an instrument of time itself. The faltering party is ambushed in the jungle near Ianto’s tower and Jericho has gone missing.

Now, Exodus must lead the party with the aid of Callisto to find their comrade and discover the motives behind Jericho’s disappearance…



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