God Shadows

Interlude in Time 1

Flashback in time, Fugate is followed by Martin

Martin surveyed the landscape of the Dwarven Mountains. The jagged rocks protruded from the mountain like gnarled fingers and were hard to maneuver through. Fortune had not smiled upon him these last few days. Just when he thought he had an opportunity to separate the warforged from the group and confront him about the stone he was carrying, a new group of travelers set upon by the Warforged. This so called “Fugate” that he had been tracking was different; he wasn’t starved for power like the other Warforged.

After observing the party of Warforged for more than two weeks, Martin noticed that Fugate didn’t look nearly as weak and tired as the rest of them. He was full of vigor and energy, and Martin could guess why. The Warforge carrying the stone allied himself with the new party of travelers, humans and a half-orc, and at the end of the fight aided the party in victory, and MY god, he was a sorcerer. He had encountered very few of these Warforged in his travels, but all of them were brutes; none of them had been able to wield magic like this one.

The group of travelers that got attacked by the Warforged party were an unlikely bunch , there was a Psion boy, Jason he thought he heard the woman say, but Martin wasn’t quite close enough to hear them exactly. There was an Assassin whom Martin was especially wary of as the man disappeared from his sight time to time. A Halfling rogue who looked a little under the weather and what looked to be like a cleric of some sort judging from her healing magic. There was a gray monk, and finally a Half-Orc who defended the whole group.

Martin was tempted to join the fight and help the travelers combat the evil Warforged, but his mission was of the utmost importance. The Champions of the Silver Cloak had been given clear information from the anonymous tip giver about the stone. Do not harm the Warforged, but explain to the “him” the importance of the mission, if he resists simply disable him and acquire the stone.

Not long after Fugate defected to the party of humanoids, they travelled as a group into the Seven Pillared Hall. The boy Jason reminded Martin of Thaddeus; he wondered how his little brother was fairing. The last time he visited home Thaddeus was 10 years old and wielded a sword quite well, better than Martin at that age.

After the travelers descended into the mountain, Martin decided to wait. With the perils that awaited them in the depths of the mountain, it was more than likely that some of them may not return. With fewer numbers it would be easier to engage the Warforged and acquire the stone.

“What the hell are they doing, taking such a young boy down into the mountain?” Martin thought, and then it occurred to him that the information he received from the stranger with one eye had been incorrect. Perhaps the Warforged was aware that he was carrying an ancient relic with him. And if so, maybe its intention was to deliver the stone to someone in the mountain. Martin cursed himself for not following them; all he could do now is wait to see if they would return. He would wait two days and see if they would emerge, if not, he would have to acquire a guide and go down into the mountain himself to retrieve the stone. Martin hated going underground, but his mission was to obtain the stone. If the stranger with the one eye was right, this stone could mean an end to the Titans for good.



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