God Shadows

Prologue to April 13th, The Raid

Trolling for Trouble.

Hello All,

We will be resuming the Ellenisia Campaign next Tuesday night and will do 2 sessions before we finalize our group character build for Mark’s Eberron campaign. We’ll be jumping right back in where we left off in the Troll Haunt. I posted the recording of our last Actual Play session to our podcast so feel free to listen to it and get caught up on the happenings.

Obviously there are changes going forward. Jonny is rerolling Jericho as a Runepriest (Leader Class) as Aquielle will be leaving the party. There will be lots of story and role-play to get things to a new jumping off point and I’m very excited about all the happenings I have planned and have been thinking.

Mark will be in France next week, but I’d like to start getting back into the campaign as soon as possible.

Here is a brief intro and synopsis into the session next Tuesday:

Bax the Dragonborne in Moonstair led you, via map, into the TrollHaunt. After getting lost, surviving a few attacks and searching an old troll ruin, you finally stumbled upon the entrance to the Great Warren. You practically barged in and, after killing the troll guards, began to lay waste to the Troglodytes that inhabit the West wing of the Great Warren.

You then meet a few interesting characters. A Troll with a dire bear pet and then a Dragon named Gloomfang, who sparks a deal with you to destroy Skalmad and drive the Trolls and Trogs from his home. You agree and travel south, avoiding the last remnants of the Trogs in the Great Warren and continue deeper into the caverns.

With the advent of that evenings full moon, something happens to Exodus and he loses the ability to control his Damphyr thirst and attacks Kurra. He quickly regains sanity, but turns mistform and flees the party.

Not long after you receive a message in the form of an animal messenger from Callisto speaking to Jericho, letting you know that she and Marleen have come to Moonstair to find them. The party heads back toward the entrance and finds Marleen entering the Great Warren, admiring the carnage of trolls that can only be your party’s handiwork. She presents Jericho with Volundr and states that Callisto received the sword, but gave it to her to deliver to the party. Callisto had run off leaving her to find the party alone. She believes that Callisto received some sort of mental communication and after telling Marleen that Exodus had run off, it makes sense that she could have run off to help him learn to curb his bloodlust.

Marleen happily rejoins the party, despite some of the party members continued distaste of her.

As you venture back to the depths of the caverns, you eventually run across some Trolls and Nothic guarding a prison cell where some citizens of Moonstair are being held as slaves, or worse, food. You dispose of the Trolls and Nothic and rescue the citizens from their cell.

Shortly after, from a deeper corridor, you hear sinister laugh and Skalmad proclaims “You fool adventurers, I can never be killed. Especially not by mere mortals. I see all with the Stygian Eye and my soul is bound to the Stone Cauldron. Mwa ha ha!! I also see that you have left Moonstair unguarded; and without any champions to defend it, my troops will quell the population left there. They march upon the town as we speak. You have failed mortals and soon Morvoz will be under the control of the Trolls once again.”



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