God Shadows

Quelling the Raid against Moonstair.

Defending the Keep

After learning of Skalmad’s plan to attack Moonstair, the Party ventures back to the city to defend the people and the Keep from Skalmad’s invaders. On the way back through to Troll Haunt, they stumble upon Callisto and Exodus in a rather peculiar act (doin’ it). Jericho maintains silent anger and stays up all night prior to the raid, etching runes on his sword and armor. Marleen and Alli (the Scooby gang) see an eerie sight when taking watch that night. They see what appears to be floating lights marching in a line, and upon further inspection they realize it’s the procession of Skalmad’s troops toward Moonstair.

The Party reaches the city just after the sun has come up and find the farmsteads on the outskirts in ruin. Most are on fire and as they approach, they see a farmstead under attack by a Troll and a pack of Worgs. A family is trapped inside the farm and the Adventurers race to kill the Troll and Worgs before they can manage to breach the farmhouse.

After dispatching the enemies, they find the bodies of a town watch and an Eladrin Soldier. The Watchman is still alive and exclaims that the moongate finally opened and that a troop of Eladrin have come through to help protect the city.

The Party then holds off Skalmad’s troops in the southern docks, an air attack on the inner wall and finally the last wave of troops that have breached the outer wall of Moonstair and assaulted the inner wall.

With victory behind them, the Eladrin General Entari and Kelana Dhoram, the Mayoress of Moonstair present gifts of honor to the party for protecting the Moongate and Moonstair. After they have been presented with gifts, Rualiss asks to speak with them again before they press on to try and defeat Skalmad.

Bax, Marleen and Callisto haven’t been seen since before the presentation of gifts in the Keep where the Mayoress and the town watch reside. Where could they be? Likely celebrating victory…



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