Blood thirsty, bold, and without fear, the perfect defender.


Exodus has light tan skin and dark features. Due to his 1/8th elven heritage, Exodus does not possess the typical elf features that are present among many elves. Exodus looks human, no fair skin or pointy ears would let anyone know that he has elven blood. Among his darker features, Exodus has quite the toothy grin as he is also a dhampyr. To be continued…


Ripped from his homeland through an enchanted dream world, Exodus exchanged places with his sister Krystaline in the adventuring party. As a noble, and a paladin in training, Exodus vowed to accompany and protect the party as repayment for looking out for his long lost sister. When Exodus was a young boy, his caravan of traveling gypsies was attacked by bandits. The bandits slaughtered his family as Exodus watched, hidden in a pile of dead bodies. Fearing for his life, Exodus ran into the nearby forest to escape the bandits. He ran until his body collapsed from exhaustion. The last thing he remembered as his shut from the weight of the exhaustion was the sound of horses, the smell of jasmine, and a gentle voice say, “we’ve found him, he is the one.”

When Exodus woke up he found himself in a king sized bed. He had never slept in such a soft bed that he thought for sure he had died and was in the afterlife. When an elven man named Edwin entered the bedroom chambers he promptly Exodus that he was in the land of the elves, in the kingdom of Seredane. Edwin was a servant in the House of Coraleth and was assigned to look after Exodus during his stay in Seredane. The House of Coraleth was the house of nobles and ambassadors to the elven cities. The house was governed by the matriarch Sariel, who was the most well respected ambassador in the lands. Sariel was one of only three elves that are allowed to go beyond the magical perimeter that surrounded the elven lands. It was Sariel that found Exodus.

Because Exodus looked human, many of the elves found him revolting and unfit to gaze upon. Exodus believed that the elves did not trust humans, but it was the fact that Exodus was a half-elf that the elves of Seredane found him unfit to be in their lands. It did not take long for Exodus to start winning the hearts of the people around him. He had an uncanny charm that no one could resist. As he grew older Exodus began studying the ways of the ambassadors because he longed to return on day to the outside world and bridge the gap that had been wedged between the elves and the humans. But as Exodus matured he found that his need to defend his new family stretched beyond words, but to battle. Exodus joined the order of the paladins as soon as he was of age so that he could learn to defend his adoptive family through diplomatic means first, and by blade if necessary.

If you would have asked the female elves in Seredane, they would have told you that Exodus matured into a man quite nicely. He devoted equal amounts of time to his two areas of study so that he achieved a balanced life. Due to his half-elf nature and his persuasion skills, Exodus was nominated to begin training as a noble of the House of Coraleth. This nomination meant that Exodus could one day be the Viceroy of Seredane and lead the people of the city. This was unheard of and was met was opposition by the elders of the city, but the overwhelming reaction of the people was positive so the elders had no choice but to accept the people’s nomination. Exodus was a newly initiated noble of Seredane, a paladin in training, and one of the most respected ambassadors in Sariel’s house. It seemed to Exodus that he had everything working in his favor.

On his 17 birthday, Exodus began having nightmares, reliving flashbacks of the day his family was slaughtered by the bandits. Each night for three weeks Exodus had these dreams, and as much as he tried to forget them he could not. Every morning he woke up with the voice of a woman saying “…he is the one.” Not knowing what else to do, Exodus sought council with Sariel. Sariel advised Exodus that his dreams were a warning to him that there was an evil approaching the elven lands and that they would be corrupted from the inside. For the first time in his life, he saw Sariel begin to cry as she began to tell him why he was brought to Seredane all those years ago…he was destined to save his new home from the corruption of those sworn to protect Seredane. He did not know what this meant until it was too late…


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