Quick talking, sharp tongued Sorceress who plays by her own rules


Storm Sorcerer who specializes in single target striking.


Marleen is one of three sisters from an upper class family residing in the largest Human city, Corinth.

Her two sisters are Cherleen and Breyleen, both of which are highly skilled Rogues.

All three sisters were seeking the pieces of a legendary key, a story their Father used to tell them as children, which opened the door to a treasure beyond imagination. The party now possesses the key which they have discovered opens the doorway to heaven and hell in the bonespire, located in The Bonewastes.

Marleen attended the Golden Fleece Academy, a school for gifted children, when she was first learning to control her manifested Sorcerer powers.

She and the party murdered her sister Cherleen after she was infected with a plague that induced zombie like results. Breyleen is the leader of the Sisterhood of the Hand, a Rogue Guild in the city of Carthage.


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