Melaina Darkbrook

Sinister, jealous and vengeful Naiad Seeker


Melaina Darkbrook is the beautiful and dark leader of a Naiad hunting party called The Undertow, a secret group that polices the waterways of Ellenisia. They are bent on destroying any Water Nymph who commits a Breach of Hydros; A sacred contract that binds all Water Nymphs to their respective water source.

Melaina has a sordid history with the Nereid Aquielle. Long ago Melaina was in love with a Nereid woman, but she dismissed Melaina’s affections because she was in love with Aquielle. Aquielle loved the Nereid but eventually left the Nereid and her position in Poseidon’s High Court to travel on land and explore Ellenisia out of wanderlust. Melaina was jealous of Aquielle and tried many times to unseat her from Poseidon’s High Court through political maneuvering and sabotage.

Melaina herself eventually lost favor from her Naiad Court and quickly formed a small band of loyal Naiads calling themselves The Undertow. Melaina new operates as a free agent who answers to no one other than the sacred contract of hydros itself. Her power and political reach has only grown as of late as she has taken on the role of Sheriff and Assassin of the waterways of Ellenisia.

A Water Nymph cannot survive without a source of power. If magically cut-off or banished from their respective water source, the Water Nymph must then steal elemental energy from any water source they can. This is considered a Breach of Hydros and is punishable by death. A Water Nymph in breach of contract is considered a Clepsydra, a water thief, and is considered a despicable, heinous creature only worthy of one thing; death.

Melaina Darkbrook

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