Orion Asante

Calm, balanced Human Druid who seeks to know himself through Nature


Orphaned at a young age, Orion was raised by an old Hermit deep in the woods who realized that he possessed magic and great potential. Rather than fear the magic Orion possessed, the old Hermit taught Orion to control his power by creating a bond with the Primal Spirits of Nature.

Orion has since discovered that he was hand selected by the Goddess Ceres to be her champion. He received his abilities from her before birth. Orion also recently discovered that he has a sister, who could actually be the champion that Ceres had intended on creating, Callisto. Callisto is a Druid and a Vampire. A hideous creation, that at times, Orion finds himself wondering if she is an abomination that needs to be destroyed or a living balance between the two aspects of Nature.

Orion has feared the primal, animal side of his gifts since he was a child and has only begun to learn his true power as he opens up to embrace the animal within himself.

Orion Asante

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