Welcome to Ellenisia!

So much has happened since that fateful day when you stood side by side among the militia, awaiting the strange creatures to emerge from the swamp and attack the Keep on the Eastern borderlands. Magic doesn’t exist. Fey don’t exist. Creatures of myth don’t exist. The world was plain, and you were special in the fact that you had some control over the world around you through magic that you didn’t even know existed.

Then things changed. You were attacked by Satyrs, chosen by a Goddess, hunted by cultists, hated by demons, consorted with angels, and nothing was ever the same.

Survival has become a priority in a world where you’ve come to expect the impossible to happen. You now know that every myth of dragons, or legend of shadows walking, or Gods fighting is likely to be true. An awakening seems likely as people can no longer hide from the things moving silently trying to control the world.

Choices must be made that will determine the future of mankind and the world as you know it. In a vale hidden away from the world you knew, you struggle to make sense of what has been happening. A party, not so unlike your own is chasing something rumored to be powerful. Cher, Jezz, Kaz, Marleen, and Amlock race against time for their own means of survival.

Ceres has asked you to help her, but help does not come easily from other Gods or men. Hermes, a messenger of the One True God (Zeus) and is searching everywhere for you, if only so he can strike you down and return to his master, the One True God, to gain even more favor. Hades has denied you help, but has hinted that there are things that can change the tide of the shaping of the future and there are others out there who may be able to help.

Elias has been a shadowy figure as well as Brell, both who it seems are free agents playing any side that will have them.

Krystaline is now gone, but two new companions have joined you in your crusade. An elf and a half-elf. Krystaline’s brother Exodus, bringing news of another place in torment. The corruption of the fey and Elven lands. You assume this is where Krystaline has gone and her brother Exodus desperately wants to return so he can finish his Paladin training and lead his people against the corruption.

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God Shadows

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